Repair Your Credit


Bad things happen to good people… we understand that. You have now gotten over the first major hurdle… completing your consumer proposal or being discharged from your bankruptcy – we know it has been a tough road for you so congratulations; you have a clean slate. The second hurdle is starting to rebuild your credit and make the most of this brand new fresh start.

Rebuilding your credit has many benefits-We believe in second chances…

and here is why….

Getting Lower Interest Rates

You have likely, or soon will, experience the feeling when someone either won’t provide you with the credit you need or they will but the rate is horrendous. When this happens it results in you either not borrowing the money at all, or you do and the monthly payments are crippling… feeling like you are just going backwards and not forwards. Have the right professional behind you, we can help you save a great deal of money over your lifetime through better interest rates and promotions offered by creditors and lenders. The lower your credit rating, the more money you will pay in interest rates so our goal is to.

Realizing Your Home Ownership Dreams

Maybe you had to sell your home or you just haven’t been able to get ahead enough to get onto the property ladder. This is one of our specialist areas – assisting those that are credit challenged with purchasing a home. Through a number of our programs from fixing your credit and helping you save your down payment to our Rent to Own Program. We make home ownership dreams a reality for everyone.

Starting a Business

You have always wanted to start your own business but finding the cash injection you need to get you started has been unforthcoming. Your credit score and history will factor into your eligibility for business financing – we are experienced in finding ways to raise capital for entrepreneurs.

Buying a Car or Paying for a Large Ticket Item

There is going to be some point in the future when you are going to need to borrow money – a car, a house, schooling, your daughter’s wedding! Let’s get started now rebuilding your credit – we turn the “declines” into “approved”

More choice

More lenders will be willing to give you credit means more options for you to select from. Putting you back in the driving seat and out of the trunk!

Job Hunting & Securing Your Future

Some employers will run credit checks as part of their due diligence – don’t let a poor credit history ruin your chances of advancement in your field.


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