The Home Trust Equityline® Visa*


Get your equity working for you and earn 1% CashBack

You’ve worked hard to build the equity in your home. Now make the most of it with the Home Trust Equityline Visa—the card that lets you use your home equity to secure up to $100,000 in revolving credit and pays you 1% CashBack on every purchase you make.

Financial flexibility that makes your life easier

Using the equity in your home can make life a lot easier. By securing your credit through a mortgage, you can open up a whole new world of financial flexibility:


Whatever your goals, revolving credit is a low-cost, flexible way of achieving them. The Home Trust Equityline Visa offers you all these advantages—and more. In addition to providing you revolving credit and earning you 1% CashBack, it delivers all the benefits of a Visa card, so you have the ultimate in convenience.

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*Visa Int./Home Trust Company, licensed user of mark.
† Subject to credit approval.
‡ Cash advances, balance transfers, interest, fees, mortgage amounts and closing costs are not eligible for CashBack.